Byju’s moves to New York Supreme Court against TLB acceleration

The company alleged that TLB lenders issued notice demanding immediate payment of entire loan amount, despite knowing that purported acceleration is under challenge before the court

Byju's layoff

New Delhi: Edutech major Byju’s on Tuesday said it has filed a complaint in the New York Supreme Court to challenge acceleration of the $1.2 billion term loan B (TLB).

The company is also seeking the disqualification of Redwood, who contrary to the terms of TLB, purchased a significant portion of the loan while primarily trading in distressed debt.
The statement said: “Byju’s has had to take these measures following a series of predatory tactics by the lenders, led by Redwood.”

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The company has alleged that TLB lenders issued a notice demanding immediate payment of entire amount under the TLB, despite knowing that the purported acceleration was under challenge before the court.

The term ‘Term Loan B’ or ‘TLB’ is used in the lending market to refer to a tranche of senior secured credit facilities made available to a borrower that is designed to be syndicated in the institutional loan market.

Lender GLAS Trust Company and investor Timothy R Pohl filed a lawsuit against BYJU’s US-based entities for certain alleged wrongful acts. They have sued BYJU’S Alpha and Tangible Play for moving USD 500 million out of BYJU’S Alpha. The two entities are part of Think and Learn Private, the parent of BYJU’s.

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Last month, Byju’s said it has not defaulted on repayment of loans raised from American lenders and USD 500 million worth of loans were transferred from the group’s US entities to fund growth plans.

BYJU’S said that with legal proceedings now on foot, in both Delaware and New York, the entire TLB stands disputed. “It remains open to discussions with the TLB lenders and is ready to continue making payments under the TLB if the lenders withdraw their ‘ill-conceived actions’ and honour the terms of the agreement,” the statement read.

Efforts made to elicit comment on an email query made the lender’s agent GLAS Trust Company in the matter did not materialise. “BYJU’S cannot be expected to and has elected not to make any further payment to the TLB lenders, including any interest, until the dispute is decided by the court. As conveyed to the TLB lenders, BYJU’S remains financially robust with significant cash reserves,” the company said.

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Notably, BYJU’S had last month raised $250 million debt funding from US based investment manager Davidson Kempner Capital Management and is in discussion to secure an additional USD 700 million fund with other investors.

On March 3, the TLB lenders unlawfully accelerated the TLB on account of certain alleged non-monetary and technical defaults and undertook unwarranted enforcement measures including seizing control of BYJU’S Alpha and appointing its own management, the company said.

The edutech company further noted that the TLB lenders made an unsuccessful attempt in the Delaware proceedings to deprive BYJU’S of its contractual right to disqualify lenders engaged primarily in opportunistic trades. The Delaware court rejected this attempt, ruling that the LB lenders “have not demonstrated either irreparable harm or the balance of the harms as required to support a provision restraining” this contractual right of BYJU’S, the company said.

BYJU’S alleged that the TLB lenders’ agent has even refused to provide identities of the TLB lenders to the company, which it is entitled to under the TB, and the lenders have consistently taken measures to smear BYJU’S reputation.

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