Prime Minister flags off 5 new Vande Bharat exp trains from Bhopal

Now, there are a total of 23 Vande Bharat trains operational in the country to provide world class experience to passengers and boost to tourism & corporate activities

New Vande Bharat Express

New Delhi: Indian Railways witnessed a historic moment today when Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off five new & upgraded versions of Vande Bharat express trains at Rani Kamalapati station in Bhopal. During this event, Governor, Madhya Pradesh Mangubhai Patel, chief minister Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Union minister for railways Ashwini Vaishnaw, public representatives and special guests were also present at the venue.

Heralding a new era of comfortable and enhanced rail travel experience, five new Vande Bharat express trains are running between Rani Kamalapati-Jabalpur, Rani Kamalapati-Indore, Goa (Madgaon)-Mumbai, Ranchi-Patna, and Dharwad-Bengaluru. These Vande Bharat trains flagged off today will improve connectivity among the state capitals and other cities, reduce the travelling time & enhance the comfort of journey. These Vande Bharat trains are taking the message of a New India – Viksit Bharat to each and every corner of our nation, said an Indian Railways official.

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Rani Kamalapati-Jabalpur Vande Bharat express

Rani Kamalapati – Jabalpur Vande Bharat Express train will depart from Rani Kamlapati Railway Station and will reach Jabalpur station the same day with stoppages at Narsinghpur, Pipariya & Narmadapuram Railway stations. With the operation of Vande Bharat train, the connectivity of Jabalpur, the cultural capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh and nearby religious places and tourist places will increase as well as the all-round development of the region will also increase.

  • Operational details of Rani Kamalapati to Jabalpur (20174)
  • Departure from Rani Kamalapati: 6am & Arrival at Jabalpur 10.35am
  • Fare: Rani Kamalapati to Jabalpur—Chair Car (CC)- ₹955; Executive Class (EC)- ₹1970
  • From Jabalpur to Rani Kamalapati (20173)
  • Departure from Jabalpur: 7pm & Arrival at Rani Kamalapati: 11.35pm
  • Fare: CC-₹1035 & EC-₹1880

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Rani Kamalapati-Indore Vande Bharat express

Bhopal – Indore Vande Bharat express train will depart from Bhopal railway station and reach Indore station the same day with stoppage at Ujjain railway station. Running of Vande Bharat train between Rani Kamalapati to Indore will facilitate easy and fast travel, and will become an important medium to connect the culture, tourism and pilgrimage places of these regions. Vande Bharat Express will also provide a pleasant and better rail travel experience.

  • Rani Kamalapati to Indore (20912)
  • Departure from Rani Kamalapati: 7.25pm & Arrival at Indore: 10.31pm
  • Fare: Rani Kamalapati to Indore—CC- ₹910; EC- ₹1600
  • From Indore to Rani Kamalapati (20911)
  • Departure from Indore: 6.30am & Arrival at Rani Kamalapati: 9.35am
  • Fare: CC-₹810 & EC-₹1510

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Goa (Madgaon)-Mumbai Vande Bharat express

Goa (Madgaon)- Mumbai Vande Bharat express train will depart from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Station and reach Madgaon station the same day with stoppages at Dadar, Thane, Panvel, Khed, Ratnagiri, Kankavali & Thivim Railway stations. The state-of-the-art Vande Bharat express will provide the means to travel with speed and comfort to the people of the Konkan region. It will provide boost to tourism in the area. It is expected that the new Vande Bharat Train on this route will add new dimension in facilitating tourists.

  • Madgaon to Mumbai (22230)
  • Departure from Madgaon: 12.20pm & Arrival at Mumbai: 10.25pm
  • Fare: Madgaon to Mumbai —CC- ₹1970; EC- ₹3535
  • From Mumbai to Madgaon (22229)
  • Departure from Mumbai: 05.25 am & Arrival at Madgaon: 3.30pm
  • Fare: CC-₹1815 & EC-₹3360

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Ranchi-Patna Vande Bharat express

Ranchi- Patna new Vande Bharat Express train will depart from Patna and will reach Ranchi station the same day, with stoppages at Gaya, Kodarma, Hazaribag, Barkakana & Mesra Railway stations. Blessed with mineral resources in abundance, Ranchi is an ideal place for mineral based industries. The train will be beneficial for the local traders and businessmen for faster connectivity with Patna.

  • Patna-Ranchi Vande Bharat (22349)
  • Departure from Patna: 7am & Arrival at Ranchi: 1pm
  • Fare: Patna to Ranchi—CC- ₹1025; EC- ₹1930
  • From Ranchi to Patna (22350)
  • Departure from Ranchi: 4.15 pm & Arrival at Patna: 10.05pm
  • Fare: CC-₹1175 & EC-₹2110

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Dharwad-Bengaluru Vande Bharat express

Dharwad-Bengaluru Vande Bharat Express train will depart from KSR Bengaluru City and reach Dharwad station the same day, with stoppages at Yeshvantpur, Davangere & Hubballi Railway stations. In Karnataka, Dharwad – Bengaluru Vande Bharat train will connect Vidya Kashi Dharwad, Vanijya Nagari, Hubballi and Bengaluru. This Vande Bharat train will connect North Karnataka to South Karnataka.

  • Dharwad to Bengaluru (20662)
  • Departure from Dharwad: 1.15pm & Arrival at Bengaluru: 7.45pm
  • Fare: Dharwad to Bengaluru—CC- ₹1350; EC- ₹2460
  • From Bengaluru to Dharwad (20661)
  • Departure from Bengaluru: 05.45am & Arrival at Dharwar: 12.10pm
  • Fare: CC-₹1186 & EC-₹2265

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Vande Bharat express specifications

Vande Bharat express trains offer a myriad of superior amenities which will provide passengers with world class comfortable travelling experience & advanced state-of-the-art safety features including KAVACH technology. Each train has been provided with bogies having fully suspended traction motors for 160 kmph operational speed. The advanced state-of-the-art suspension system ensures smooth and safe journey & enhanced riding comfort for passengers.

The train has been designed to increase Indian Railways’ Green footprint by dispensing with the power cars and saving about 30% electricity with advanced regenerative braking system, said a eastern central railway (ECR) zone officer.

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