Mahiti Kanaja: Karnataka Govt’s portal offers citizen access to info

The web portal had in the months of July and August had witnessed visit of a staggering 8 lakh netizen, indicating the growing popularity and effectiveness of the platform

Mahiti Kanaja Karnataka

Bengaluru: In a bid to address the long-standing challenge faced by citizens in accessing government information, the government of Karnataka launched Mahiti Kanaja, a groundbreaking portal maintained by the e-governance department. Since its inception in 2020, the portal has gained immense popularity, revolutionizing the way citizens obtain public services and scheme information.

Prior to the introduction of Mahiti Kanaja, citizens in Karnataka struggled with poor record management practices, low public awareness, and delays in the disposal of appeals and complaints. These obstacles not only hindered access to crucial information but also disrupted peace and harmony among citizens. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, the government took the initiative to establish Mahiti Kanaja.

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The single web portal, which requires no username or password, serves as a one-stop platform for citizens to access a wide range of public services and scheme information. By eliminating the need to file Right to Information (RTI) requests, Mahiti Kanaja ensures timely and hassle-free access to vital information.

The portal plays a pivotal role in enhancing transparency and accountability in governance by providing citizens with insights into the functioning of public institutions across various stages, including planning and budgeting. Since its launch, Mahiti Kanaja has witnessed a significant increase in visitor count. Initially, the portal attracted thousands of visitors each month. However, in the months of July and August, the visitor count surpassed a staggering 8 lakh, indicating the growing popularity and effectiveness of the platform.

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Citizens utilizing Mahiti Kanaja can access a diverse range of information, including details about health staff, the number of ration shops, scholarship schemes, pension programs, crop information and much more. The portal serves as a comprehensive repository of government-related information, empowering citizens with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and engage actively in the governance process.

Shreevyas HM, the project director, Mahiti Kanaja, highlighted the portal’s impact, stating, “Mahiti Kanaja has conducted 5 digital dialogues and 4 special panchayat level digital dialogues across Karnataka. As a result, 553 services from 150 departments have been on-boarded in Mahiti Kanaja. In the initial days, the visitor count started with thousands, but now, in the months of July and August, the number of visitors has reached 8 lakhs. It is an ongoing effort and our effort continues to provide the information to the general public.”

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The success of Mahiti Kanaja is further evident in the overwhelming response it has received from citizens. The portal has attracted a staggering 48,18,456 visitors, who have provided valuable feedback through 10,653 interactions. With a daily influx of over 25 emails and 30 calls, the portal has become an indispensable tool for citizens seeking information and engaging with the government.

“It is very helpful for the common man to get detailed information on the government schemes and services through the Mahiti Kanaja portal. It saves us from the hassle of visiting departments where we are often treated poorly. Additionally, the portal has made the process of obtaining information through RTI much more efficient, as it used to take many days to receive a reply. As an auto driver, I appreciate the convenience and transparency that Mahiti Kanaja brings to our lives. But it is better to include more pieces of information” Sandeep R, a cab driver.

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As Mahiti Kanaja continues to evolve and expand its services, it is poised to transform the way citizens interact with the government in Karnataka. By promoting transparency, accountability, and accessibility, the portal is paving the way for a more informed and engaged citizenry, ultimately fostering a stronger and more harmonious society.

According to Rusana, a student at Government PU College, “I request the officials to include more information on the education institutions regarding its seat matrix because the majority of rural children or those from small towns like us who want to pursue engineering and medicine have no idea how many seats are available across the state.”

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