India witnesses 5,357 fresh Covid cases, 11 deaths on Saturday

Little respite after five day’s of rise, only two of every million is found positive for corona virus in India, as compared to 293 in New Zealand, 126 in France, 75 in US and 46 in UK

Covid Update India

New Delhi: As many as 5,357 new cases of covid infection have been reported in the past 24 hours across the country on Sunday. A total of 11 people, who were under treatment for the viral infection died. However, the number of new cases has come down by 12% compared to the previous day. On Saturday, 6,155 fresh cases corona virus infections were reported.

On Saturday, Kerala reported 1,800 cases, Delhi 535 and Maharashtra 542 cases. All three states have seen a decline. A day earlier, Kerala had reported 1,900 cases, Maharashtra 926 and Delhi 733 cases.

India’s condition due to Covid spread is better globally

India is placed better than many countries with regard to checking the rise in covid. According to data available at, only 2 out of every 1 million people in India have the virus. New Zealand has 293 cases per 1 million people, France 126, South Korea 163, the US 75 and the UK 46 people. These figures are based on data as of April 6th.

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Kerala and Haryana make wearing masks mandatory

Kerala and Haryana have also made it compulsory to wear masks in public places. Kerala is leading the states that are witnessing surge in covid cases. About two-third of new cases are coming from 5 states, including Kerala, Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana and Tamil Nadu.

The country reported 6,155 new coronavirus cases on Saturday. Of these, 4,294 cases were reported in just five states, as per the stats released by the ministry of health and family welfare on Friday.

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Kerala: 1,758 new cases, two deaths. 711 people were also cured. Wearing masks has been made compulsory for the elderly, pregnant women and people suffering from serious illnesses.

Maharashtra: 542 new cases, 668 recoveries and 1 death on Saturday. On Friday, there were 926 new cases. The positivity rate is 8.15%.

Delhi: There were 535 new cases and two deaths here last day, while 634 people recovered from the disease. The active cases have reached 2,2 The positivity rate is 23.05%.

Haryana: 399 new cases and 187 recoveries were reported here on Saturday. There are currently 1,536 active cases in the state. The positivity rate here has reached 6.91%. Masks have been made compulsory here too.

Tamil Nadu: 329 new cases and 156 recoveries reported here last day. On Thursday, there were 303 new cases. The positivity rate is 7.57%.

38.2% of patients found XBB.1.16 Omicron variant

INSACOG, the committee overseeing genome sequencing, has revealed that 38.2% of the daily coronavirus cases in the country are due to the XBB.1.16 Omicron variant. This variant spreads to humans 1.27 times faster than the XBB.1 variant and 1.17 times faster than the XBB.1.5 variant. This variant has resistance to a variety of anti-SARS antibodies.

Cases are increasing, but don’t get panic- experts

Corona experts say corona cases are increasing, but there is no need to panic. Most people in the country have hybrid immunity. That is, immunity from vaccination and natural infection. This hybrid immunity is keeping people from getting seriously ill and hospitalized. The population of the country has been vaccinated. The rest of the population is getting protection from these vaccinated people. The same vaccine is competing against six sub variants of Omicron. These include XBB.1.16.

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