Green cardamom has stunning magical property for human health

Green Cardamom

New Delhi: Green cardamom, which is easily found in the Indian kitchen, not only enhances the taste of food, but it is also a major spice in the cuisine. Cardamom is as delicious as it is beneficial.

The spice with herbal quality does not only clean the mouth but also enhances taste of the food. By consuming it daily, one can overcome many physical weakness and obesity. Experts on herbs said that cardamom is also a good sex enhancer.

Generally, small cardamom is used for aroma and taste. People also like tea with cardamom very much. It is digestive and a good appetiser. According to Ayurveda, cardamom is beneficial for the body to fight cold and remove foul odour from the mouth. It is also helpful in countering biligenesis (pittas) and irritating bowel syndrome

Problems in breathing, coughing, piles, caries, gonorrhea, gonorrhea, stone, itching, urinary tract and heart disease get considerably reduced on regular use of Cardamom seeds, which contain a type of volatile oil.

It has been medically established that impotency among men ends gradually once they start taking cardamom with warm water or milk every night before sleeping. Regular use of cardamom with water strengthens immunity of the people to withstand impact of changing weather and overcome the diseases like cough and cold.

Medicinal properties of cardamom:-

Soreness: Chew small cardamom and drink lukewarm water after waking up and at bedtime at time to cure sore throat

Swelling: If there is swelling in the throat, the use of small cardamom powder with radish water is beneficial.

Cough: In case of cold-cough and sneezing, eat a small cardamom, a piece of ginger, clove and five basil leaves together in a betel leaf.

Vomiting: Boil five grams large cardamom in half a litre of water. Take it off the heat with water remains one-fourth. Vomiting stops by drinking this water.

Blisters: If there is a blister in the mouth, grind cardamom on a fine grater and mix the powder with sugar candy in it and keep it on the tongue. There will be immediate relief.

Indigestion: Eat one cardamom immediately after taking bananas in large quantities. Bananas will be digested and you will feel lightness.

Nausea: Many feel dizzy or nausea while travelling on the bus. To get rid of this, put a small cardamom in the mouth.


  • Small cardamom is an excellent mouth freshener. It removes the foul smell of the mouth. Odour starts from the mouth due to upset stomach or due to constipation. On the one hand, by eating small cardamom, the digestive system gets better.
  • Sex life becomes healthy after regular consuming cardamom. It not only gives energy to the body, but it is also considered beneficial to do away with impotency.
  • Consuming cardamom after a meal is very beneficial. The elements present in it help in the digestion of food. Along with this, it also provides relief in internal irritation owing to its medicinal property.
  • The chemical properties of cardamom also work to remove free-radicals and other toxic elements present in the body. It also purifies the blood.
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