Cyclone Biparjoy nears, landfall likely between 4-8 pm tomorrow

Eight Indian Coast Guard stations on highest alert, 15 ships and seven aircraft in ready mode for rescue at sea; 47000 people relocated to safer places

Cyclone Biparjoy landfall

New Delhi: Preparations are going on on a war-footing both in India and Pakistan to minimise the damage from Cyclone Biparjoy, which is likely to make landfall near Kutch in India and then move towards Pakistan.

Officials of the Indian Metrological department said that cyclone Biparjoy has weakened into a very severe cyclonic storm on Tuesday and is moving towards north-northwestwards. Currently, it is located about 380 kilometres south of Karachi.

Indian Coast Guards refuelling chopper for its use in rescue operations

As a precautionary measure, fishing activities has been stopped and rescue personnel have been deployed at important places. Evacuation drive has also been carried along the coast in Gujarat. All eight Indian Coast Guard stations along coast in highest state of readiness. Besides, 15 ships ready in multiple configuration have been kept in ready mode and seven aircraft in SAR role for rescue operations at sea.

Cyclone Biparjoy is 3rd cyclone in 60 years to hit western coast

Officials of the IMD said that cyclone Biparjoy is the only third cyclone in nearly 60 years to hit the western coast. Experts say that the increase in frequency and intensity is indicating the negative impact of climate change.

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Officials said that thatched houses along the coast will suffer extensive damages in Gujarat’s Mandavi and Pakistan’s port city of Karachi on June 15. The very severe cyclonic storm can uproot power and communication poles in these areas and disrupt railways and damage standing crops, plantations and orchards.

Home minister cancels June 17 Odisha visit

Union home minister Amit Shah’s scheduled Odisha visit on June 17 has been put on hold in view of Cyclone Biparjoy’s possible landfall in Gujarat on Thursday. As per reports from the home ministry, about 1000 lifejackets and 200 lifebuoys have been arranged for rescue operations. Over 47,000 people have been evacuated from coastal and low-lying areas of Gujarat. Additionally, a 90m high Akashvani steel tower has been dismantled as precautionary measure.

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Nearly 66,000 people living in coastal towns and small islands in Pakistan have been evacuated to safer places before Cyclone Biparjoy is expected to hit the coastline in Sindh province on Thursday.

Cyclone Biparjoy re-curve helpful?

IMD director general Mrytyunjay Mohapatra said it would have affected the monsoon flow had the cyclone not moved north-westwards towards Oman. “Cyclone Biparjoy has completely detached itself from the monsoonal flow and will have no impact on the progress of the seasonal rainfall system,” said Mohapatra.

Reluctant residents of Kutch village finally agree to evacuation

Kutch’s Salaya people are the last to shift to safe shelters in the face of the approaching cyclone Biparjoy. Besides appeals by the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and district officials, it was the sight of seawater entering the village that persuaded them to vacate their houses a day ahead of the expected landfall of Biparjoy. The village of Salaya near Mandvi has a population of 2,500, most of them fisherfolk.

One of the severest storms to have hit India: Union minister Sonowal

Union minister for ports, shipping & waterways Sarbananda Sonowal said, “We must be prepared for all kinds of eventualities as this could be one of the severest storms to have hit the country once it makes landfall. We are taking steps to minimise the loss of lives and property and are committed to ensuring people’s safety. Those residing in coastal areas are evacuated to safer shores and measures are being undertaken to raise make-shift shelters for people in harm’s way.”

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