Karnataka govt issues health advisory in view of cyclone Mandous

It is advised to keep yourself hydrated and preferably drink warm water/warm soups and consume freshly prepared food which are easy to digest

cyclone mandous

Bengaluru: Owing to light to heavy rain along with cold breeze, which Karnataka is experiencing due to cyclone Mandous, the state health department on December 12 issued an advisory to the public especially children, pregnant women, elderly citizens and those with other comorbid conditions to ensure good health.

“It is advised to keep yourself hydrated and preferably drink warm water/ warm soups. Consume freshly prepared food which are easy to digest. Keep yourself warm by wearing sweaters, socks, and gloves and stay warm even when you are indoors. Bathe in hot/warm water. Avoid going outside, unless it is necessary, as heavy shower likely due to impact cyclone Mandous,” the health department said.

The advisory signed by Karnataka health commissioner Randeep D said that those who have symptoms of flu and fever should visit a doctor and avoid self-medication.

“Plug your ears with cotton or use a scarf and wear a mask while stepping out. Avoid coming in contact with those who have fever, cold, cough etc. Cough or sneeze into elbow or use tissue/ handkerchief while coughing. Wash your hands with soap and water frequently. Visit your doctor if you have fever and flu like symptoms or symptoms of any other illness. Do not self-medicate yourself,” the advisory said.

The advisory advises the general public to avoid consuming cool drinks, ice creams or refrigerated water.

“It is advised not to get drenched in the rains/ exposed to chilly & windy conditions. It is not advised to go on long journeys (especially weekend trips or sightseeing trips) or consume spicy/masala laden foods. District/ BBMP health authorities should ensure creation of awareness on the same, so that the vulnerable population remains healthy during the season/ period,” the advisory said.

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