Complaint filed against TCS’s ‘unethical’ conduct in transfer of staff

Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate has urged Union ministry of labour and employment to look into allegations of violation of ethical practices in mass transfer of TCS staff

TCS staff transfer

Bengalore: An information technology (IT) workers’ union, Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES), has filed a complaint with the Union ministry of labour and employment, alleging that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has resorted to unethical transfer practices by forcing relocation of more than 2000 employees without proper notice or consultation.

In a statement, NITES president Harpreet Singh Saluja claimed that the TCS has been systematically forcing the employees to relocated to different cities without formal notice or their consent. “We have urged the Union ministry of labour and employment to probe the TCS’s actions and take appropriate measures to protect IT workers from such unethical practices,” the statement read.

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Complaints of unfair treatment

NITES alleged that around 300 employees of the TCS have lodged their complaints with their respective units that they were being forced to relocate without any valid reason. In the complaints, the employees alleged that the company provided them short duration notice and request for reconsideration on individuation issues are not be looked into. This is causing immense hardship to the staff and their family. The company has also threatened to take punitive and disciplinary action against those reluctant to abide by the transfer letters.

Salaries being held up

NITES further claimed that TCS has stopped salary payment to those resisting the transfer orders, citing ethical content. The lasted move of the TCS management has complicated miseries of the employees and accentuated their suffering in an already stressful situation, effectively forcing employees to choose between accepting the transfer or losing their livelihood.

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According to a press statement, NITES urged the ministry to inquire in to whole scenario and provide successor to the victimised staff members. “The ministry shall investigate TCS’s transfer practices to determine if they are in violation of labour laws,” the statement noted.

Ministry urged to formulate rules to stop victimisation of IT workers

The NITES has also urged the labour and employment ministry to formulate new policies and regulations to protect IT workers from unethical transfer practices. Earlier in October last year (2023), TCS had sacked 16 employees and blacklisted six staffing firms. ES Chakravarthy, the former head of TCS’s resource management group, who was accused of misconduct in hiring contract workers by two separate whistleblower complaints in February and March and sent on leave on 18 April, was later removed from job by the company.

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