BIAL set to enhance energy resilience at Kempegowda Airport

Captive power project set up in solar-wind farm located in Jagaluru, Karnataka, owned and operated by CleanMax, will consist of 36 MWp of solar power & 9.9 MW of wind power plants

Kempegowda Airport

Bengaluru: Clean Max Enviro Energy Solutions (CleanMax), Asia’s leading C&I Renewable Energy Company and Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), which operates Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, have signed a 25-year long-term power purchase agreement for the generation and supply of renewable energy from a 45.9 MW solar-wind captive power project under an SPV named Clean Max BIAL Renewable Energy Private Limited.

The captive power project set up in the solar-wind farm located in Jagaluru, Karnataka, owned and operated by CleanMax, will consist of 36 MWp of solar power and 9.9 MW of wind power plants. Solar and wind plants combine two of the fastest growing renewable energy technologies owing to their complementary nature. These highly efficient power plants provide reliability of continuous power supply and help effectively manage the consumption load. The partnership is an expansion of the existing relationship between CleanMax and BIAL, rooted in a shared commitment to sustainable energy usage.

Kempegowda Airport

Hari Marar, managing director & chief executive officer, BIAL speaking on the collaboration said, “As the operator of Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru, BIAL strives to create a meaningful impact not just for our customers and partners but also for the community and environment in which we operate. Considering our expansion plans, we have undertaken a variety of steps to deploy onsite renewable energy generation systems, off-site renewable power procurement, to sustain our 100% renewable electricity consumption. The long-term power purchase agreement with CleanMax will play an important role in meeting the renewable energy needs for the expansion program of the airport and shall provide substantial cost savings, further bolstering our commitment to sustainability and responsible growth.”

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Kuldeep Jain, founder and managing director, Clean Max Enviro Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd, said, “Our consistent efforts and commitment to shaping a sustainable future is reflected in our collaboration with BIAL. This synergy in the aviation sector represents the conscious leap towards the way India approaches clean energy making it a vital part of our progress towards climate care. With a history dating back to our inception in 2011, CleanMax has consistently led the way in corporate sustainability, showcasing our expertise in crafting innovative and personalized solutions for our corporate clients.”

An estimated requirement of 90 million units of energy (kilo watt hours) on an annual basis, is being planned to be sourced from the captive renewable energy power plant. The project will ensure annual supply of approx. 58.3 million units of solar power and 31 million units of wind power utilising the existing grid infrastructure.

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The initiative will enable yield of approximately 90 GWh of renewable energy annually with a CO2 reduction of 642 lacs kg [64,200 metric tonnes]. This is equivalent of planting approx. 11 lacs trees annually. The Jagaluru wind-solar farm in Karnataka has a total capacity of 290 MW and is a powerhouse for reducing carbon emissions, and is expected to cut down a whopping 54,88,000 tons approx. of CO2 equivalent.

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