Tech snag forces Indigo flight to make emergency landing at Patna

Shortly after take-off at 12.58 pm from Patna’s Jayaprakash Narayan International (JPNI) airport, the air traffic controller (ATC) contacted the pilot to return mid-air due to some technical problem

Indigo emergency landing Patna

Patna: A Delhi-bound A-320 flight of Indigo airlines (6E2074) had to make an emergency landing at Patna airport shortly after take-off after the pilot noticed some technical glitches. The flight carrying on board 187 personnel, including the crew landed safely.

“It was an emergency landing. Shortly after take-off at 12.58 pm from Patna airport, the air traffic controller (ATC) contacted the pilot to return mid-air due to some technical problem,” Patna airport director Anchal Prakash said.

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Reports say that the ATC tower also noticed some anomalies in the exterior of the Indigo aircraft and alerted the pilots, who were by then experiencing the impact of the technical snag. It is, however, not clear as what kind of technical fault had hit the flight’s operation.

The pilots reported the snag in one of the engines and requested for priority landing, and the aircraft landed back safely at Patna’s Jaiprakash Narain International (JPNI) airport. The aircraft remained grounded till the filing this report at 5.40pm. The passengers were accommodated in other flights and sent to Delhi.

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Earlier in November last year, passengers of a Bengaluru-bound SpiceJet aircraft from Patna to Bengaluru had a miraculous scape when the flight had developed some mechanical fault in the wing. The alert pilots had detected snag in the wing’s movement and aborted the take off from Patna’s JPNI airport.

Reports said that as many as 142 passengers, including the crew, had boarded the SpiceJet flight SG 532, which was about to take off at around 6.40pm. Minutes before the take off from Patna airport, the pilot noticed the slight deviation in movement of the wings during final check up before moving on to the runway.

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