Rest house, other civic amenities to greet tourists at Kakolat falls

Chief minister Nitish Kumar, who had promised to build various facilities for tourists, is likely to inaugurate various infrastructure projects near the famous waterfalls during of June

Tourists amenities at Kakolat Falls

Patna: Visitors to the famous Kakolat falls, which are believed to have existed during Mahabharat period, will soon have the night stay facility along with many other tourists amenities.

A senior forest officer, who is looking after the beautification project around the falls, said that work on several facilities for tourists, including imposing entrance and rest houses are in the final stages of execution. “We have proposed to open the facilities for the tourists around June 15. Chief minister Nitish Kumar would be requested to inaugurate the facilities,” he said.

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Kakolat Falls, located 33 kilometers from Nawada and on the southern border of Bihar, is a popular tourist destination. The water falls from 150–160 feet height remains cool through all year. The bottom of the falls has a natural basin or lake. The area hosts a large fair during the festival of Chhath or Baisakhi Shankranti.

It is also known for its scenic surroundings. According to Hindu mythology linked with folklore, it is said that Krishna used to bathe there with his queens. Another legend says that a sage cursed the king of Treta Yuga to become a dragon and live in the falls, but the king later got rid of the curse after seeing the Pandavas. It’s believed that anyone who bathes in the falls will never be reborn as a snake.

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Divisional forest officer (DFO) Sanjiv Ranjan said that construction of the resthouse may take some time, but other amenities like cloak room, water treatment plant, parking area, vending zone with 60 shops, self cleaning process of spring’s water and cafeteria would be opened after the Lok Sabha elections.

“A small artificial lake has also been created near the falls for the physically challenged and children. Tourists will be provided the treated water of the falls. Changing rooms for men and women, toilets, selfie points and theme park are also coming up,” said the official.

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