NHAI builds 38km road in 98 hours in Bihar, sets world record

1200 tonne of bitumen, 400 tonne of furnace oil used and 200 engineers, staff worked in shifts continuously to achieve the milestone

NHAI sets record Bihar

Patna: The National Highways Authorities of India (NHAI) has set a sort of record in Bihar by building 38km-long stretch of the National Highway (NH) in 98 hours. The rare feat has been achieved on Kochas-Mohania section of NH-30, where the construction company has built 37.74km road in single lane on Paparia-Mohania section of the NH between June 19 and 24.

Bihar’s Road Construction Department (RCD) Nitin Nabin described it as a world record. “Bihar is creating new milestones in the arena of infrastructure development. The NHAI is building Kochas-Mohania section of road under Bharat Mala project,” said Nabin.

Officials of the construction firm, Ashoka Buildcom Limited, said that the milestone was achieved owing to relentless work of around 200 engineers and workers, who worked overtime in shifts to execute the task. “We resorted to best practice to manage availability of resources and senior officials were there on the ground to resolve any issues,” said a project director of the company.

The project director said that they had to arrange around 1200 tonne of bitumen from Haldia and Bhopal installations and 400 tonne of furnace oil to do the carpeting of the road, which has been built in single lane. “Two major hot-mix plants, four sensor pavers, six rollers, 50 tippers and eight tractors/trailers worked continuously during the period. Chief executive officer (CEO) and chief operating officer (COO) of the company remained there at the project site to tackle any problem coming in the way of work,” he said.

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An official of the NHAI said that the construction of single-lane stretch of road would help the agency execute the project within the set deadline, as it would be easy for them to carry the construction material for other side of the road through the built section. “Besides, there would be minimal traffic disruption for the travellers on the road,” he added.

The construction of the single-lane stretch, however, is not suffice to ensure disruption free journey to the travellers. The travellers will have to break the speed to cross various the rivers and diversions on still-construction bridges. “Vehicles need to pass through the congested traffic on the rail over bridge near Patna More in Mohania, which is still under construction. The bridge on Dharmawati and Gauraiya rivers are still under construction, forcing the vehicles to pass through the stretch with the help of diversion,” said an RCD engineer.

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