Kasaragod-Trivendrum is best performing Vande Bharat express

Trivandrum-Kasaragod Vande Bharat in Kerala has been ranked 2nd, while 3rd spot was given to the Gandhinagar-Mumbai Central train as per the occupancy records

Best performing Vande Bharat express

New Delhi: The Kasaragod-Trivandrum Vande Bharat express is the best performing train among the lots of 23 lots semi-high speed trains, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi till recently, in terms of occupancy. As many as such five trains were flagged on by Modi on June 27, including Patna-Ranchi, Bhopal-Indore, Rani Kamalapati-Jabalpur, Bengaluru-Dharwad and Mumbai-Goa symultaneously.

The Trivandrum-Kasaragod Vande Bharat in Kerala has been ranked second, while the third spot was given to the Gandhinagar-Mumbai Central train as per the occupancy records, according to the railway ministry.

Ajmer-Delhi Cantonment Vande Bharat express has been rated the worst.

Occupancy percentage of Vande Bharat express

As per the data released by the Indian railways, Kasaragod-Trivandrum Vande Bharat has occupancy rate of 183%, Trivandrum-Kasaragod-176%, Gandhinagar-Mumbai Central-134%, Mumbai Central-Gandhinagar-129%, Varanasi-New Delhi-128%, Ranchi-Patna-127%, Patna-Ranchi-125%, New Delhi-Varanasi-124%, Mumbai-Sholapur-111%, Howrah-Jalpaiguri-108%, Dehradun-Delhi-105%, Sholapur-Mumbai-104%, Jalpaiguri-Howrah-103%, Delhi Cantonment-Ajmer-83% and Ajmer-Delhi Cantonment-60%

What is train occupancy?

Occupancy is calculated by the total number of passengers travelling in a train on a particular route, including those getting off and boarding it at intervening stations. According to an official, if a person has booked a ticket on a train from point A to point B, it is considered one booking. From point B, another passenger books the same seat to travel to point C, so the same seat has two bookings.

Vande Bharat trains in all rail-electrified states

The 46 train services of Vande Bharat have now reached all rail-electrified states of the country, covering 24 states and Union Territories. With a maximum permissible speed of up to 160 kmph, the train provides faster acceleration. The Vande Bharat express is the fastest passenger train on the routes it is running on.

Patna-Ranchi Vande Bharat

The Patna-Ranchi Vande Bharat express reached its destination at around 6 hours at the top speed of 130kmph. Made in the configuration of eight coaches, the train runs between Patna and Gaya at the top speed of 110km and 130 at some stretches between Gaya and Ranchi. “The speed has to be keep in check to avoid dashing of cattle and wild animals on its route in Jharkhand. It has to pass through two long tunnels, carved out in the Chotanagpur plateau.

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