India’s 1st hydrogen fuel related industry to be set up in Jharkhand

Bid to curb carbon emission: Jharkhand government has approved ₹354.28 crore proposal to set up hydrogen fuel related plant at Jamshedpur

India's first Hydrogen fuel plant

Ranchi: The Jharkhand government has approved ₹354.28 crore investment proposal for establishment of a hydrogen fuel based plant at Jamshedpur. It will be the first of its kind industry being set up in the country, which would deal in production of hydrogen-based fuel.

After giving his consent to the proposal, state chief minister Hemant Soren said that vehicles hitherto running on petrol, diesel and battery would soon be running on hydrogen fuel as well. M/s TCPL Green Energy Solutions Private Limited (TGESPL), a joint venture of M/s Tata Motors Limited and M/s Cummins Inc., USA has decided to set up hydrogen internal combustion engine, fuel-agnostic engine in Jamshedpur, East Singhbhum after signing of MoU with M/s TGESPL.

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The unit will manufacture/produce advance chemistry battery, H2 fuel cell and set up H2 fuel delivery systems. The single window clearance committee and high power committee on industry set up have cleared the proposal.

“After the MoU, the way will be paved for the establishment of the country’s first hydrogen fuel related industry in Jamshedpur. The latest technology of making hydrogen engines will be used, which will benefit the whole country in the coming times,” said the Jharkhand CM.

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Investment worth ₹354.28 crores

As per the Jharkhand Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy 2021, and per the investment received from the unit and direct employment, the unit has been classified under the mega category. The proposed capacity of this unit is 4000+ hydrogen IC engine / fuel agnostic engine and 10,000+ battery system, for which the proposed investment is ₹354.28 crore. According to an estimate, the unit will ensure employment of more than 310 people directly or indirectly.

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Advantages of hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen is a type of fuel, whose capacity is more than other fuels. Its energy level is high and it is economical and light. In such a situation, it can be considered a better option than petrol and diesel. Hydrogen fuel can help in controlling pollution to a great extent. This is in keeping with the larger aim of ensuring production capacity of 4000+ Hydrogen IC engines / fuel agnostic engines and 10,000+ battery systems to meet the needs of hydrogen engines in the Indian market and globally. Local industrial ecosystems to supply essential requirements and set up new ancillary units will be promoted

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