DGCA imposes ₹30lakh penalty on IndiGo for tail-strikes

The aviation regulator had asked the heads of operations of all scheduled airlines to "prevent any unauthorised entry in the cockpit through appropriate means

IndiGo Tail Strike

New Delhi: Close on the heels of suspending licences of two pilots, the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Friday slapped a penalty of ₹30 lakh on IndiGo airline for four tail strike incidents in the past six months of 2023.

Earlier this week, the DGCA suspended licences of two pilots of IndiGo for dangerous landing at Ahmedabad airport. The airlines was also asked to strictly follow rules as well as sensitise pilots and cabin crew to prevent incidents of unauthorised entry of people into the cockpit.

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The civil aviation regulator had also warned that any non-compliance with the applicable regulation dealing with unauthorized cockpit entry shall be dealt with strictly and may also invite stringent enforcement action.

The regulator’s action followed the backdrop of two recent incidents where unauthorised persons were given entry to the cockpit during scheduled flights. In an advisory, the DGCA had asked the heads of operations of all scheduled airlines to “prevent any unauthorised entry in the cockpit through appropriate means.”

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DGCA safety norms envisaged that no authorised people are not allowed to enter the cockpit, and any such entry could violate norms. “Instances of unauthorised entry into the cockpit have been reported to DGCA in the recent past, wherein persons having no authority or purpose, were permitted entry into the cockpit,” the regulator said in the advisory.

According to DGCA, “Such an unauthorized presence in the cockpit is likely to distract the attention of cockpit crew from their sensitive functions and can lead to errors which may jeopardize the safety of the aircraft operations.”

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On June 3, the pilot-in-command of an Air India flight operating on Chandigarh-Leh route, allowed an unauthorized person into the cockpit during departure and the person remained in the cockpit throughout the flight. In an earlier incident on February 27, the pilot of the Tata Group-owned Air India allowed a female friend into the cockpit during a Delhi-Dubai flight.

The aviation regulator had fined ₹30 lakh on Air India for lapses in effectively addressing the “safety-sensitive issue” related to the incident of Delhi-Dubai flight. It also suspended the licence of the pilot who operated the flight for three months but let off the co-pilot with a warning.

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However, in the other incident (Chandigarh-Leh flight), the safety regulator suspended the flying licence of the Pilot-in-Command for one year and that of the First Officer for one month. The persons authorized for entry into the cockpit and to occupy the jump seat have been specified in the Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC) 17 of 2019, DGCA said in its advisory on Friday.

“All the heads of operations are hereby advised to sensitize their pilots and cabin crew members to strictly follow the AIC and prevent any unauthorized entry in the cockpit through appropriate means, DGCA said.

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